Tuesday, April 15, 2008


None of the wired software worked well enough for me to pursue but 30 boxes is simple enough. I quit counting the number of times I have tried to used a pocket calendar but maybe it will work online...never give up, right?

Library Thing

Wow, this is an amazing place...I'm in the midst of getting lost in it! Several avid readers who visit our library on a daily basis might become visitors to Library Thing as well when we show them it's possibilities. Thank you again, 23 things!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

more social media

Social media opens a new world of information to me...easier to retrieve than checking individual newspapers and I am thankful to have learned about these avenues. I think researchers of current information would find it invaluable so our students who have projects in current affairs can certainly benefit. Beyond that, I'm afraid that one could get so involved with digesting that he has no time to cook!


Social media

All of my free time yesterday was spent looking at the various types of social media. My immediate reaction was impatience - "I have a life" - but I did register for newsvine because the idea of seeing the news as a newsroom gets it appeals to me. Thanks 23 things!!


I like to use a wiki when a dictionary is needed. There is usually more current information and many paths to follow to find it. I think a personal on-going wiki would be difficult to manage...when treated like a blog...but the example in the video presentation of a camping trip, when there is an end in sight, seems like an ideal use for this tool. I added an entry to the 23 things wiki.

Zoho show

This was frustrating until I read "23 ways of looking at a library's" blog...thanks so much. I am not good at learning without a human teacher at my elbow.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The rest of the kitchen

This is my "kitchen to die for," as my friend, the home ec teacher describes....photos by our librarian's twin brother compliments of Picasa collage. (Click for a larger view)